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Consumer DescriptionEzy Dose Built-In Storage Pill Crusher
BrandEzy Dose
Mfr/Supplier Part #71091
Size1 EA
This unique three piece Pill Crusher with Built-In Storage crushes tablets into powder effortlessly for easier swallowing. A tablet container is built into the crusher to store your medication. The top portion may also be used as a drinking cup. Contents: one pill crusher.
1. Unscrew crusher cap and place tablets into container. 2. Screw the crusher cap down tightly against the tablets. Then, with a firm hold on the crusher cap, rotate the crusher cap back and forth to crush the tablets. Repeat this back and forth movement until a uniform powder has been achieved. Each time the cap is rotated back and forth, increase the forward rotation to increase the crushing pressure on the tablets. When the cap can no longer be rotated down onto the tablets, back the rotation off one or two revolutions and tap the container on a table to redistribute the powder. Repeat the back and forth crushing rotation of the cap. Do this several times to achieve an extremely fine powder. Remove cap to empty powered tablets from container. 3. To store medication, unscrew bottom pill container cover and fill container with tablets. Replace the cover tightly. Care: Wash prior to first use with mild, soapy water. Rinse and let dry. Repeat as needed to remove pill residue from crusher. Note: Enteric-coated tablets are intended to be swallowed whole and should never be crushed before taking.
Keep out of reach of children.

This item is manufactured by a Veteran-Owned Business
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